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Restart your computer!

When it comes to Windows machines, there has been a long progression of improvements in stability. However there are still many things out there that can cause your operating system to hang up or respond very slowly,  causing glitches and bugs all over the place.

95% of the time simply restarting your computer will fix issues like this!

Quite often people experience these odd behaviors and get scared,  thinking their machine is going to fall apart. The first thing they do is turn it off, pack it up and head to the nearest computer shop. When the computer boots back up in the shop and runs fine,  you find yourself out $99 bucks that could have been completely avoided.

This week’s tech tip is so very simple,  and yet can save so many people so much money! When things start to go all funny,  unresponsive,  graphically glitchy, etc. Restart Your Computer.

Most common problems are related to Memory management, or lack therof. Restarting simply clears out your RAM and starts things up fresh.

If you find that your computer is suffering more serious issues and a restart doesn’t fix your problem,  it may be time to call a professional after all. At least now you know that your money will be well spent and you aren’t just blowing it unnecessarily.

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